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Asterra Labs welcomes retail partners interested in distributing our high-quality CBD wellness products. We are also looking for health and wellness brand ambassadors to promote our products. Connect with us for information about becoming a partner with Asterra Labs. Please choose and complete a form below so an Asterra Labs representative can get in touch.

Contact us for any white labeling services or formulation development!

Why is Asterra Labs Different?

Our approach to quality – from how we built our facilities to how we manufacture and test our products – sets apart from other providers.

Quality is Our Top Priority

Our pharmaceutical approach to product manufacturing is different from other CBD providers.

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The Asterra Labs Story

Read our story and you’ll know why our products and our service is different from other providers.

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Our Products

See what we’re offering now and what is on deck, so you’ll know what you can offer your customers today and down the road.

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