Our Testing

Our Testing

At Asterra Labs, we believe in transparency, science, and our pharmaceutical industry background to create products that are safe for our customers. We manufacture products we would offer to our family and loved ones without hesitation.

Asterra Labs conducts testing to ensure that each product we manufacture contains the marketed amount of CBD, and that it contains exactly what the label states. We rely on an independent third-party laboratory to test all of our products for quality and purity.

What our lab tests for:

Cannabinoid profile and potency




Heavy Metals

Residual Solvents

Presence of microbiologicals

Moisture content and water activity

After production, samples of each batch are sent to an independent laboratory for testing. Once acceptable test results are obtained and batch records have been reviewed and approved by QA, the final product is released for shipment. All laboratory test results are available for our customers to review.

Visit our page on Lab Tests & How to Read Them for more information about our testing, why we do it and what it means for consumers.

Product QR Code

QR Code

All of our products have a QR code right on the packaging that consumers can scan to confirm its purity. The code directs them to a website hosted by our third-party tester that contains all of the certificates of analysis for Asterra Labs products.

At that website, consumers simply enter the batch number for the product in the search field, and the certificate of analysis will be displayed for review.