Our Story

The Asterra Labs Story

With the legalization of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill, an industry was born.

As our veteran team of pharmaceutical industry colleagues became aware of the benefits of cannabinoids, we started discussing the potential of these compounds. After surveying the market, it was clear there were significant and prevalent discrepancies in the quality and purity of the products available.

In fact, a 2019 FDA study found that 90% of CBD products tested did not contain the amount of CBD their labels claimed. Some had more, some had less and some had NONE AT ALL. Some contained ingredients that weren’t listed on the label and many were contaminated or made in facilities that were unclean.

This is horrifying and dangerous.

Asterra Labs was formed to do better:

By applying the same rigorous safety, quality and purity standards of the pharmaceutical industry to cannabinoid products.

By verifying our products with transparent scientific data so consumers can trust them explicitly.

By creating a company of people who care deeply about our products, our customers and our community.

At Asterra Labs,

we are pharmaceutical scientists and industry veterans. When we looked at the market, we not only saw opportunity, we found a passion: To innovate, develop, and manufacture a pharmaceutical-grade line of safe, beneficial cannabinoid products.