A Scientific Approach to CBD

Our Approach

Check out our blog for more information on CBD science, research, and product applications.

Our focus is on the chemistry and science of manufacturing top quality CBD products.

When we make our CBD products, we follow the same guidelines the FDA applies to prescription drugs — it is the responsible, ethical and safe thing to do. Most other CBD manufacturers cannot claim the same.

Learn more about our facilities and approach to manufacturing.

Asterra Labs believes strongly in transparency and rigorous testing so you can be assured of quality, purity, and safety when you purchase our products.

The CBD industry is wide-ranging and ever changing. Keep track of those updates and learn more about regulations for the CBD industry.

Asterra Labs Products and Our Product Pipeline

Our portfolio today consists of a line of oral CBD products designed to deliver dependable quality and safety to consumers. Learn more about what’s coming in our pipeline, or shop for current products.