Documentary ‘CBD Nation’ now available on Amazon Prime Video

Documentary ‘CBD Nation’ now available on Amazon Prime Video


A new documentary exploring evidence-based therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids — or CBD for short — now is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Called “CBD Nation,” the film explores 60 years of overlooked and peer-reviewed research about cannabinoids. It also features interviews with dozens of medical experts who explain how the human body has evolved to work successfully with CBD.

“Over the course of the project, I came to realize that cannabis is far from a gateway drug; for many, it’s actually an exit drug from pharmaceuticals and narcotics,” said David Jakubovic, the film’s director.

America has 5 percent of the world’s population but consumes 75 percent of the world’s pharmaceuticals, Jakubovic said — a trend that is both unhealthy and unsustainable.

“We can no longer afford to be in the dark about facts,” he said. “Facts can save lives.”

Asterra Labs fully welcomes medical research that advances our understanding of CBD and how it works with the body’s cannabinoid system.

The film is available on Amazon Prime. To learn more about the documentary, visit

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