Asterra Labs is now Available at CBD Emporium, Online and in Stores

Asterra Labs is now Available at CBD Emporium, Online and in Stores

CBD Emporium prides itself on partnering with companies that share similar values and are committed to offering the highest quality CBD products to its customers. Due to Asterra Labs’ team of veteran pharmaceutical industry collaborators who are passionate about bringing a scientific approach to the world of CBD, it was an easily formed partnership. With both companies eager to bring the best out of the CBD industry, it was time to get to work. 

Asterra Labs is diligent with its testing and manufacturing process, which sets them apart from other CBD companies. Two unique products requested to be featured through CBD Emporium were the CBD Isolate Extended-Release and Immediate-Release tablets conveniently packaged in unit dose blister cards. CBD tablets continue to be one of the most popular ways to consume CBD for various reasons, and it was an easy decision to incorporate these products. As Asterra Labs expanded their portfolio to include topicals, tinctures, and gummies, it was an easy decision to add to our partnership by offering their high-quality CBD products to our customers. For a complete list of available Asterra Labs products being sold through CBD Emporium, click here.

While Asterra Labs is ecstatic to be partnering with CBD Emporium, what does their Vice-President of Product Management Andrew Young think of their partnership? 

“Asterra Labs applies years of expertise in manufacturing and pharmaceutical science to the hemp and CBD industry. They take the strict regulations set in place by the pharmaceutical community and hold themselves accountable to those particular standards even in an unregulated industry such as CBD. Their dedication to quality and safety is reflected in the purity and efficacy of their products. By creating a very niche line of products, I think they will appeal to a large demographic of consumers who need their help! These products are great for those who are looking for extended-release-based products to get through their day. And for those who are looking for an immediate type of application, the easy blister pack tablets allow for convenience and easy absorption of 100mg in one single administration. With the ever-growing adoption of hemp and CBD, Asterra Labs has positioned themselves as the go-to product for consumers looking for easy-to-use and apply products that will continuously deliver results throughout the day or immediately.”

- Andrew Young, VP of Product Management (CBD Emporium)

With so many companies having perhaps a too relaxed approach to their manufacturing standards, it’s getting challenging to distinguish brands of actual integrity from those who are just riding the “fad” for the cash flow. CBD Emporium has established itself as a premium CBD Retailer and has the most in depth brand & product evaluation process in the industry. This ensures all products that CBD Emporium represents is of the highest quality and efficacious.

The most important thing to look for when you are looking for CBD products is to look for lab testing. The best brands always offer CoA’s (Certificates of Analysis) to show that their products have been put through certified and independent testing and are safe for you and your family. Asterra Labs offer Certificates of Analysis for all of their products, so you know you are getting the best of the best. For your convenience, we have placed QR codes on the product’s packaging that lead to their specific CoA, or you can view all our products’ CoA’s on our website here.

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