Asterra Labs CBD Gummies Help us get Back to Normal

Asterra Labs CBD Gummies Help us get Back to Normal

As people are heading back to their new regular routines, we’re all looking for ways to discreetly incorporate CBD into our days in order to get through the week smoothly. People need something that they can easily throw into their bags or briefcases – compact and easy to use, while still providing the effects we rely on. 

We love the CBD fruit chews because we’re constantly on the move. They are easy to pop into your mouth and also effortless to keep track of dosage amount. They come in set quantities, so you don’t need to worry about guessing how much to use. CBD edibles are also long-lasting and will get you through even the most demanding Monday. In addition, edibles are very discreet – no one will know the difference, and you will reap all the benefits.

When you ingest a CBD edible, it is passed through the stomach and liver and is passed on through the body. Being thoroughly processed by the body, the results are more potent and effects will begin to set in. Not only is the fruit chew digestible because CBD is mixed with food, but it will also be broken down slowly, with an extended-release over time. This means that the effects could last anywhere from one to four hours. Even though they take longer to kick in, many users prefer edibles to other forms of CBD due to their longevity. 

The most important thing to look for when you are considering CBD products is the lab testing. The best brands always offer CoA’s (Certificates of Analysis) to show that their products have been put through certified and independent testing and are safe for you and your needs. Asterra Labs offer Certificates of Analysis for all of their products, so you know you are getting the best of the best. For your convenience, we have placed QR codes on the product’s packaging that lead to their specific CoA, or you can view all our products’ CoA’s on our website here.

At Asterra Labs, we are pharmaceutical scientists and industry veterans. Asterra Labs is raising the bar with its revolutionary cannabinoid products. By applying pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control, and safety principles, Asterra Labs offers a unique portfolio of products that customers can depend on. We offer CBD immediate-release and extended-release tablets, various topicals to include CBD Body Cream, Cooling Cream, Muscle Balm, & Eye Cream, full-spectrum tincture, and assorted fruit chews. All ingredients used in the manufacture of these products are sourced from suppliers that service the pharmaceutical industry. They are each independently tested and certified as being pure, safe, and meet the United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary standards. To shop all of our safe and effective products, click here!

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