40 percent of American adults say they’re willing to try CBD

40 percent of American adults say they’re willing to try CBD

Some 40 percent of American adults ages 21 and older say they’re willing to try CBD, according to a recent consumer survey.

The study conducted by cannabis market researcher High Yield Insights is the first to quantify growing consumer interest in CBD products.

CBD has been proven to alleviate symptoms associated with seizure disorders and frequently is used to address anxiety, pain, sleeplessness and other health conditions.   

Consumers most likely to try CBD products were:

  • College educated (79 percent)
  • 35 years or older (64 percent), and
  • Women (56 percent). 

As for what motivated them to try CBD products, consumers said:

  • Availability of unbiased research (44 percent),
  • It’s easier to access CBD products today (42 percent), and
  • A physician recommended it (34 percent).

“We are seeing many consumers looking to incorporate CBD into their wellness regimen,” said Mike Luce, co-founder of High Yield Insights and a 20-year veteran in consumer insights and market research. “Consumers previously unfamiliar with CBD are rapidly showing interest. Now that the federal government is finally taking steps to clear up the hazy legal picture, people see CBD as an entry point to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.”

Among current CBD users, approximately half were younger than 34 and most — some 54 percent — have used CBD for less than one year.  

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